"In the mountains, there you are free."- T.S. Eliot


When I created Compass Hiking and Yoga Retreats I was looking to combine all of the most beautiful things in my life. Escaping to the outdoors always put everything into perspective for me. Mountains force me to look up. In turn, my spirit would lift. My yoga mat has been a sanctuary for every big transition. I am inspired by the amazing healing powers of wholesome food, which nurtures me to do all of the activities I love. Each Compass Hiking and Yoga Retreat uses the benefits of hiking, learning and eating nutrient dense food, meditation, and yoga to allow you to feel rejuvenated.  The mission is to empower you through holistic practices in a luxury environment. Compass Hiking and Yoga Retreats will ground you and connect you to nature and yourself to promote self-discovery so that you can go home and connect with your best life! 

-Founder, Kelsey Stoll