Founder and Trip Leader: Kelsey Stoll

Kelsey started practicing yoga at just 14 years old.  Soon after she completed her 200-hr certification in 2009 through Devine Play Yoga. In 2009, 2010, and 2011she completed Forever Om Yoga's 200-hr certification and co-facilitated their spirituality sector. In 2014 she attended the advanced teacher training program through Live, Love, Teach. Kelsey has taught at Forever Om Yoga since 2009, Sangha Yoga, Shawmut Yoga, Equinox, and now manages Forever Om Yoga in Vernon Hills. 

She attended University of Vermont where she became a certified outdoor leader. Kelsey completed her Wilderness First Aid in 2011 and became a Wilderness First Responder in 2014. She was a leader in the Outing Club and Trek Program from 2013-2015. Kelsey has experience backpacking the Austrian Alps, the Long Trail, the White Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Appalachian Trail, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon with a few on the horizon! 

Kelsey worked at a fine dining restaurant in Boston, MA, Bistro Du Midid which inspired her appreciation for culinary art. Through Forever Om Yoga, she created a series called Mindful Eating in which she connected to 4 local farms who spoke about their farming techniques and produce. 

Though her journey, she strives to create a company that celebrates living a mindful life. Our company encOMpasses nature, food, yoga, and meditation to empower you to become the best version of yourself and tackle your everyday life with strength. In order to grow she believes the first step is loving, celebrating, and caring for yourself.


Private Chef and Mindful Eating Coach: Lindsey Shifley 

Lindsey Shifley is an energetic home chef, teacher, speaker and coach. Since 2012, she has been sharing her passion for the plate as a Super Ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. She is also on the Pilot Light Chefs Advisory Board. As a former softball varsity athlete at Northwestern University, she is inspired by healthy ways to fuel the body. Lindsey is graduating from the Psychology for Eating in Boulder, CO and has a strong understanding for the relationship that food has with our mind. Lindsey has seen the benefits of cooking and eating wholesome food in her own family and shares her knowledge through her blog  .  She is so excited to be apart of a company that highlights natural ingredients and their benefits while still maintaining the luxury taste and presentation of a five star restaurant.