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Upcoming Retreats

Photo by MartinM303/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by MartinM303/iStock / Getty Images

Crete, Greece                             September 30-october 7

Join us for our first international trip as we explore the Greek Island of Crete. Enjoy doing yoga by the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and explore the Samaria Gorge. Use this opportunity to travel with us and learn about not only the Greek culture but also the breathtaking scenery of the island. 


Napa, California
October 26-29, 2018


Join us on a private vineyard in a world-class destination for wine. We will be hiking through the gorgeous rolling hills, practicing yoga next to a fire overlooking the vineyard and enjoying balanced meals with ingredient driven health benefits to help you feel your best. After all of that activity, enjoy a glass of local wine in the hot-tub or pool-you deserve it!


Yoga and Meditation

We believe that in order to find your true north, you need to look no further then within yourself.  Yoga and meditation allows you to connect within, to recognize all the amazing aspect of your soul.  


Rest & Relax

All of our retreats take place in gorgeous luxury homes. We believe in balancing the luxury of nature and a place to restore. 


Explore Nature

Nature grounds you. It humbles you by reminding you of the beauty that is all around us. We are connected to all things and our retreats celebrate some of the most beautiful mountains in the world 


Mindful Cuisine

To feel your best, we believe in fueling your body with nutrient dense fresh food. Our private chef focuses on Ayurvedic practices and organic ingredients. 


Reserve Your Adventure

Join us at Compass to connect back to the best version of yourself; mind, body and soul!